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203 Ten Conservation Rules
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209 Calculating Savings
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300 Renewable Technology
301 Solar Energy
302 Solar Collectors
303 Solar Water Heating
304 Stirling Engines
305 Basic AC-DC Electronics
306 Silicon Solar Panels
307 Thin Film Solar Panels
308 Wind Turbines
309 Inverters
310 Grid Tied and Off Grid
311 Solar Site Survey
312 Solar Site Diagram
313 Sun Path Chart
314 Site Survey Worksheet
315 Wind Turbine Site Survey
316 Wind Turbine Worksheet
400 Solar Thermal Design
401 Solar Heat Overview
402 System Configuration
403 Site Survey
404 SRCC Compliance
405 System Specification
406 Bill of Materials
407 System Installation
408 Solar Heat Incentives
409 Document Package
410 Future Products
500 Solar PV Design
501 Solar PV Overview
502 System Configuration
503 Site Survey
504 Grid Tied & Off Grid
505 System Specification
506 Bill of Materials
507 System Installation
508 Solar PV Incentives
509 Document Package
510 Future Products
600 Wind Turbine Design
601 Wind Turbine Overview
602 System Configuration
603 Site Survey
604 Grid Tied and Off Grid
605 System Specification
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Green Collar Careers

Ten million unemployed Americans frequently ask; "Where are all the Green Collar Jobs?"

The simple answer is those jobs are waiting for new small businesses to form.  So do you want to wait for someone else to open those businesses or would you rather start NOW in the Green Collar workforce?

If the answer is NOW, you've come to the right place.  Starting your own Green Collar business is much easier then most people ever imagined.  You don't need much of an investment other then a PC, printer, cell phone and a few common household tools.  Within 30 days you can be on your way to earning $100,000 a year while saving money for your customers.  Take 2 minutes to watch the presentation at the top of this page to see where Green Collar business opportunities begin.

Every business starts small and builds up and the same is true for a Green Collar business.  Beginning as an independent contractor for Home Energy Audits you'll learn how to earn over $400 a day helping people reduce their electric bills by $1000 a year or more.  As you develop your business you'll be ready to move into the exciting new prospects of renewable energy with solar and wind powered systems.

You're probably wondering, "if this business is so easy to start, why aren't others doing it?"

Knowledge is power.  This is the literal truth for Green Collar Jobs.  It doesn't take an engineering degree to start a Green Collar career.  This website was created to empower anyone with the ambition to join the Green Collar workforce almost immediately.

You don't need to be a building contractor.  All you really need are some basic handyman skills, PC skills, and the motivation to be your own boss.  Perhaps most important, is you need to know that opportunity exists, which explains why so few people are starting Green Collar businesses.

If 50,000 new Home Energy Auditors joined the workforce tomorrow it would take them 85 years to audit every home in America!

This website is packed with the basics you need to know about starting a Green Collar business.  Best of all, we charge nothing for the training provided.  There are plenty of Green Collar Job Training businesses on the internet with fees to learn the vocational trades of solar and wind turbine system installation.  They don't tell you how to start your own Green Collar business.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If you're a homeowner chances are you're among the 90% of American homeowners who can save money with a Home Energy Audit.  All you need to invest is the time to see if your home could benefit.  Once you've discovered how well this service really works, you may just want to take the next step.

The navigation links on the left take you through the sequence of learning for what you need to know about the technology and business of renewable energy.  Each module is kept simple enough to understand, and provides easy methods to expand any relevant detailed knowledge you feel necessary.  eLearning was never better!

The job market is already beginning to grow, yet few people really know where to look.  As the job market begins to grow the demand for trained and experienced people will out-pace the growth of qualified people;  that translates to higher wages for these occupation. 

Green Career Opportunities

Through the 20th century the demand for energy has grown at astounding rates. Nearly all of the supply of energy has come from fossil fuels creating enormous opportunities for conservation and renewable energy technology in the 21st century.

The 21st century is here and now. Technologically and politically America is prepared to build an entire new economy based on Clean Energy - Green Collar Jobs. The only thing missing is you.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas predicts that job growth in environment, ecology, and alternative-energy sectors will “fuel significant growth and job creation over the next decade.”

Challenger’s findings say that “green-collar” jobs – a category that the firm says includes engineers, architects, project managers, and consultants – are expected to experience “explosive growth” at a rate of 1.3 million per year through 2030, and could present the best opportunities for a generation of college grads, rivaling those of the dot-com boom in the late 1990s. The consulting firm says that a brief review of environmental-career websites uncovered about 1,500 job listings.

Challenger cites a forecast by the American Solar Energy Society that reported that renewable energy and energy-efficient industries were responsible for the creation of nearly 8.5 million jobs in 2006, including about 4.8 million indirect jobs such as accountants, computer analysts, and truck drivers. ASES says that, by 2030, the number of direct and indirect jobs related to renewable energy and energy efficiency is expected to reach 40 million.

The biggest obstacle to green-job growth, says Challenger, could be a lack of skilled workers. As demand increases for workers in these fields, Green Collar candidates will need training programs to supply the future green-collar workforce.

Start your own Green Green Collar Business

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or an engineering degree to launch and grow a successful Clean Energy business.  It does take YOU!

Technology has lowered the cost of supply side products and the industry is ripe with significant financial incentives. Today a typical residential grid-tied solar panel installation with a 25 year life pays for itself in as little as 5 years. These systems have proven to be very reliable, resistant to extreme weather (large hail and hurricanes) and safe. Typically they add value to the structure equal to the cost of installation.

The federal government has budgeted over $15,000,000,000 a year to support renewable energy programs. These funds will be used to support the renewable energy enterprise ranging from the largest utilities to the independent entrepreneurs.

Green Collar Entrepreneurs have a golden opportunity with a ground floor business. It takes very little capital investment to begin a Green Collar Business and the sky is the limit for growth. All it really takes is knowledge and commitment.

We don't sell you anything!  You pay us NOTHING!  What have you got to lose?